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Do live in Leeds? Do you own a leasehold flat or apartment? If so, there is a good chance Leeds Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors. ALEP logothat you will be eligible to buy the freehold of your block through a process referred to as ‘leasehold’ or ‘collective enfranchisement’. You will need specialist lease enfranchisement lawyers to help you with the process – and here at Bonallack & Bishop, our dedicated team of enfranchisement and lease extension experts have all the expertise you need.

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When dealing with enfranchisement or lease extension, its really important that both the lawyer and surveyor you choose is a genuine specialist. Why? Because lease enfranchisement is a complicated area of law involving strict procedure and tight deadlines. Most property solicitors have little if any experience of enfranchisement, which is why you need to find genuine specialists.

What’s more, your freeholder will almost certainly have instructed a specialist themselves, so don’t start off at a disadvantage.

Your solicitor will also need to be able to work effectively with your surveyor and project manager to ensure that the enfranchisement process runs smoothly. Our team work with surveyors will it comes to enfranchisement and lease extension every day – so we are perfectly placed to help with your enfranchisement. And if you want us to instruct a solicitor on your behalf to value the premium you will need to pay to the freeholder to buy your freehold, we are happy to introduce you to a genuine specialists – a member of our informal enfranchisement surveyors’ panel, as part of our one-stop shop service.


Finding specialist leasehold enfranchisement solicitors is easier said than done.

However we have a dedicated team of four enfranchisement and lease extension lawyers who spend all their time helping leaseholders extend their lease or buying the freehold of their block.

We are also members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP) – the only nationwide organisation of specialist enfranchisement solicitors and surveyors.

And what’s more, we are the only law firm in the country to be recommended for this type of work by the highly regarded HomeOwners Alliance –  the only group in Britain to represent, champion and serve the nation’s homeowners and homebuyers.


Despite being based in the South West, our clients come from blocks throughout England and Wales – it is not necessary to see us in person.

So if you live in Leeds, there’s no problem –  we can keep in touch with you via telephone, email and Zoom video as we do for any of our clients when helping them buy the freehold of their block – wherever they may be nationwide.

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