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Bonallack & Bishop are a proactive and rapidly growing law firm based in Wiltshire and  Hampshire. We have a team of lawyers who specialise in residential lease extension, right to manage company formation and freehold purchase (known as leasehold or collective enfranchisement) throughout England and Wales. We also handle the freehold purchase of leasehold houses on a regular basis, and the leasehold team cover other specialist leasehold work including licence to alter applications and disputes.

We have been carrying out leasehold enfranchisement and lease extension work for the last 25 years and deal with up to 500 lease extensions,  collective enfranchisement and right to manage cases every year. In that period we have helped around 10,000 people like you extend their leases or complete successful collective enfranchisement project for blocs both large and small. And we also act for freeholders – so we understand the position from both sides. We also have experience of lease extension work on behalf of local councils.

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We act for and advise individuals, groups of tenants, small landlords and companies – providing clear an specialist leasehold advice and practical solutions. So you can rest assured that we have the expertise and knowledge that are essential when acting on your behalf. If you are a tenant thinking of purchasing your freehold or a lease extension, or a landlord with tenants wanting to take those steps, talk to us first.

Why choose us as your Lease Extension and Collective Enfranchisement Lawyers?

• We are experts – we have a specialised lease extension, collective enfranchisement and right to manage team – with a dedicated team of 5 dealing with nothing but this area. Currently we are running everything from single lease extensions to a right of first refusal freehold purchase case for 92 leaseholders in a block of over 150 central London flats.Collective Enfranchisement Lawyers. HomeOwners Alliance logo

• We are the only solicitors recommended for enfranchisement, right to manage and lease extension advice by The HomeOwners Alliance – the champion for the U.K.’s 17 million homeowners.

• We are Progressive Approved Solicitors –  one of just three law firms officially Collective Enfranchisement Lawyers. Progressive Approved Solicitor logorecommended by Progressive Property,  Britain’s largest property investment education company

• We have over 25 years experience of these areas of law and have successfully helped thousands of freeholders and leaseholders with lease extensions, collective enfranchisement,  and RTM Company formation.

• We are members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP) – the specialist organisation for enfranchisement experts.

• We handle your case from beginning to end – our lawyers work closely alongside surveyors in the initial valuation and application – and can handle your case all the way, if necessary, to the First Tier Property Tribunal.

• Clients like us: in a recent client survey, 95% described our legal services as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ and 98% said they would ‘recommend the firm to others’.

• We have grown by 1000% in just 12 years by providing the right service at the right price, with referrals from thousands of satisfied clients.

• We have developed an informal panel of experienced surveyors who specialise in lease extension and enfranchisement valuations. We are happy to introduce you to someone local who really knows what they’re doing so you don’t pay over the odds for your collective enfranchisement or it lease extension. And when it comes to instructing right valuer, we are just as happy to instruct them on your behalf as part of our one-stop shop service.

Collective enfranchisement – why would I want to buy my freehold?

There are several advantages to purchasing a freehold property over a leasehold property:

• It should increase the value of your flat – not to mention making it more attractive to potential purchasers, and therefore easier to sell

• You will normally be able to extend your lease up to 999 years at no cost – provided the other joint holders of the freeholder are happy for you to do so. It’s very common for all participating leaseholders to agree a 999 year lease for everyone when completing a collective enfranchisement project

• You should have much more control over service charges – because you and your fellow leaseholders are the ones who are going to be paying for maintenance and upgrading work, you have a great incentive to choose value-for money service providers and to keep a close eye on costs.

• You will have no more ground rent to pay

• Although you are still restricted by the views of the others with a share of the freehold, you will probably find you have much more control over your flat and the block itself

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