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Leasehold Enfranchisement – Why Do I Need Specialist Solicitors?Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors.image of block of flats

The whole process of enfranchisement, or freehold purchase, is complex – and if you are not a specialist, it is easy to make a mistake which can have very expensive consequences.

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How You Can Tell That Our Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors Are Genuine Specialists

• Our five strong legal team only do lease extension, leasehold enfranchisement (including right of first refusal), right of 1st refusal (for both freeholders and leaseholders) right to manage(including court appointed property managers) cases. No conveyancing, no other property work – they have specialist colleagues to do that kind of work.

• over the years we have helped something like 10,000 people just like you buy their freeholds, extend their leases or exercise their right to manage.

• The HomeOwners Alliance (Britain’s leading organisation representing the countries homeowners) only recommend one single law firm for lease extension and enfranchisement work – us, here at solicitors, Bonallack & Bishop.

• We are Progressive Approved Solicitors. Progressive Property is the country’s leading property education business – and they have only approved three law firms nationwide. We are one of them.

How Our Solicitors Can Help You

Our experienced team can help you with the whole process of enfranchisement – from beginning to end. that includes both the collective enfranchisement of blocks and the individual freehold purchase of leasehold houses. And in particular we can help you deal the following;

1. A free quote of our legal costs – and a estimate of the cost of any valuation on your behalf, along with a rough idea of your freeholder’s reasonable legal costs

2. As part of our one-stop shop service, we will identify and instruct, if you wish, a specialist enfranchisement valuer from our panel of surveyors throughout England and Wales

3. Establish that both the block, and you and your fellow leaseholders qualify to buy your freehold

4. Advise you about, and if necessary draft, a participation agreement
Click here to read more about the importance of Participation Agreements

5. Collect all the necessary information about you, your block, your freeholder and the other participants

6. Form your Freehold Management or Enfranchisement Company, and draft the appropriate articles of association
Click here to read more about forming an Enfranchisement Company

7. Serve the initial Enfranchisement Notice on your freeholder
Click here to read more about the Enfranchisement Notice

8. Reply to your freeholder’s counter notice

9. Arrange transfer of the freehold title

10. Draft your new 999 year lease

11. Register title and arrange for payment of appropriate stamp duty

12. If the event of any dispute, apply, on your behalf, to the First-Tier Property Tribunal

13. If we cannot get in touch with a missing freeholder to, we can apply on your behalf to the County Court for a vesting order.
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Getting the right legal advice – 4 Questions to Ask

If you’re still uncertain about who to appoint to help with the legal side of your enfranchisement, consider asking any solicitor the following five simple questions;

1. How many enfranchisement or leasehold extensions has your firm completed? [The vast majority of property lawyers only complete lease extensions on the odd occasion – virtually none will have actually completed a single freehold purchase. Our team, however, do nothing but enfranchisement and lease extension work – with an estimated 500 individual freehold purchase and lease extensions expected in 2021]

2. Please provide me with copies of any reviews you’ve received from specialist surveyors or satisfied enfranchisement or lease extension clients?
Click here to visit a page full of testimonial from our clients and referrers

3. How many specialist surveyors regularly refer work to you?
[We receive regular referrals from around a dozen specialist enfranchisement and lease extension valuers]

4. Are you able to identify, or instruct on my behalf, a surveyor who specialises in enfranchisement valuations, near to my property?
[Our team regularly work with a panel of expert enfranchisement surveyors throughout England Wales – and as part of our one-stop shop service, we can appoint them on your behalf to provide an accurate valuation of your freehold purchase].

You will also need a specialist surveyor

Finally, when exercising your freehold right to buy, bear in mind that you also need to get an enfranchisement valuation from a specialist surveyor – we regularly work with a number of specialist surveyors nationwide and are happy to introduce you to one local to your block as part of our one-stop shop service.
Click here to read more about Enfranchisement Valuations

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Exercising your Right to Enfranchise is a tricky area of law where it is important to get expert advice.

Wherever your block is based in England and Wales, our Solicitors can help you in buying your freehold, taking your instructions by email, phone or Zoom video.

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