Right To Manage – What To Look For In A Good Managing Agent

After taking on the rights to manage your block and setting up your RTM company, choosing the right managing agent should not be underestimated. They deal with maintenance contracts as well as holding large amounts of your money. Due to the immense levels of trust and responsibility involved in this role, it is of paramount importance that you select the right managing agent. You may want to consider some of the following criteria.

• Be sure to get references and testimonials from their other clients.

• A good managing agent will always prioritise effective communication. Look at the managing agents staffing levels in relation to the size of properties they manage and their efficiency at replying to your phone calls and emails.

• Most people who pay for property management actually have a very limited knowledge of what is involved. Look at your managing agent’s previous record. If they have dealt with properties similar to yours in the past, they will probably be far more effective at managing your property.

• Price is obviously a significant factor when choosing a managing agent. It is important to realise that cheapest is not always best. The right managing agent may not always be the cheapest, but should help you make considerable savings in other ways, such as maintenance costs.

• Do extensive research about the managing agents that you are considering. Compare them to one another, check their company website and conduct the appropriate interviews.

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