UK Freehold Enfranchisement – The Cost

If you are going to proceed with UK freehold enfranchisement [also known as leasehold or collective enfranchisement or freehold purchase] then it is important that you and your fellow participating tenants pay close attention to the costs involved. Obviously, it is hard to predict exactly how much buying your freehold will cost as it will vary according to your property and how long the process takes.

Enfranchisement – the importance of getting the right valuation

One thing you will have to pay for is a qualified chartered surveyor, whose job it will be to provide you with a report valuing the freehold. It’s really important to appoint a surveyor who is experienced in freehold enfranchisement cases – we can put you in touch with the right one for you.

The costs involved in enfranchising

You will also have to pay solicitors costs. These will include the cost of serving notice on the current freeholder, setting up a new company to manage the freehold, the cost of transferring the freehold to that new company and preparing new leases. You might also have to pay for legal services at a leasehold valuation tribunal if your landlord is uncooperative and reluctant to sell you the freehold of the property.

In addition you will have to pay for an agreement that sets out the contributions of all of the tenants taking part in the leasehold enfranchisement, including the issue of new leases. Another thing you will have to pay is your landlord’s ‘reasonable’ legal costs, which will include their legal fees, the cost of their own valuation and his or her conveyancing costs.

The new freehold company

Also, if you set up a company to manage the freehold then it is likely that you will employ managing agents who will subsequently manage the building on behalf of you and your fellow tenants. The cost of paying for them will also have to be factored into your leasehold enfranchisement costs.

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