Lease Extension: The Role Of The Surveyor And The Solicitor

The role of professionals when it comes to lease extension and collective enfranchisement is a twofold role. First of all the valuer, or surveyor, and the solicitor will be able to offer you general advice about the processes involved in a UK lease extension. It is important to choose a surveyor and a solicitor who are specialists in this area and who have direct experience of dealing with leasehold extensions, simply because it is a complex legal area and many professionals only come across very rarely indeed.

Your lease extension surveyor – what do they actually do?

The surveyor will be able to share his or her experiences of undertaking an extended lease previously, but he or she will also be able to give you a good valuation to include as the premium that you are willing to offer the freeholder in your Tenant’s Notice. This is important because in providing you with a lease extension valuation the surveyor will be able to offer you a kind of best case scenario, i.e. the minimum amount that you need to offer and the worst case scenario i.e. what the freeholder may be looking for. This will allow you to be able to offer the freeholder a fair offer. The fairness of the offer is important, since you want to offer just enough, but not too much for the whole process of extending your leasehold to go ahead.

The surveyor will in fact help guide you as to how much you ought to offer in the Notice and then will help you to respond to the landlord or freeholder’s Counter Notice. He or she will also help you negotiate any terms of the lease, that may arise as part of the lease extensions process and if required will represent you at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

Lease extension – how your solicitor can help you extend a lease

Specialist lease extension solicitors are very important during the process of extending a lease simply because he or she will ensure that all the information required for the application is secured and they will serve the Tenant’s Notice on the (in legal terms) competent landlord with copies sent to any other landlords required by law to have a copy. Legislation sets out a very strict timetable for the lease extensions process, one which does most of those trying to do a cheap DIY leasehold extension.

In addition to providing you with expert lease extension advice throughout the case, the solicitor who is acting for you will take the lead in negotiations during the lease extension, will ensure that you respond according to the timescales set down in legal terms and that you provide all information requested by the landlord or his/her agent.

So for a leasehold extension to proceed smoothly, always ensure that you have professionals on board who really know how to extend a lease snd then they will do all the hard work on your behalf!

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