Beyond Enfranchisement – Issues To Consider

Recently enfranchised blocks are likely to face a number of issues, such as:

• The need to extend the leases of those participating in the collective enfranchisement to 999 years

• Considering whether to sell parts of the property (eg currently unused lofts) to free up capital

• Arranging sale of shares in the Freehold Company to flats that did not originally participate in the freehold purchase – to realise asset value for your freehold company

• Deciding how any proceeds raised from such sales of shares are to be distributed

• Reviewing current contracts that you have with service providers, including, for example, the cleaners of any shared facilities like lobbies, corridors and stairs

• Choosing a new managing agent – which can itself be quite an intimidating task for those not used to it

• Getting to grips with new aspects of property management such as required fire risk assement

• Developing and keeping to effective systems for collection of ground rent from any non-participants in the freehold purchase, and service charges from or flat owners

The amount of legislation affecting residential property management is growing quickly. A good point of reference is ARMA – The Association of Residential Managing Agents. Their web address is Their website has lots of useful information about Residential Managing Agents as well as a list of their members.

In addition, when considering appointing a managing agent, you might want to check if they are members on the RICS (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) website at

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