Skills A Surveyor Should Have For Leasehold Extension

There are different types of surveyors. There are Building Surveyors who deal with Building Regulations. There are Chartered Surveyors who deal with valuations for houses and flats when they are being sold and there are Building Surveyors who identify any maintenance works that need to be carried out. So do not assume that any old surveyor will be able to help you when it comes to leasehold extension or leasehold enfranchisement; so beware.

When it comes to extending your lease, you should have a Chartered Surveyor, usually a member of the RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) simply because your lease extension is more often their specific area of expertise. These surveyors are the ones who come round to value property and in providing you with a specialist lease extension valuation they will be able to give you an indication of how much your UK lease extension may cost.

A Chartered Surveyor will also advise you on how much of a premium you ought to offer the freeholder for extending a lease. Some of them will deal with leasehold extensions on a regular basis, so they are fully aware of what the issues are, how negotiations should be undertaken and so on. They know what the markets are doing within your locality and this knowledge is really valuable.

The one thing to remember about an extended lease is that no two are the same. So someone may have extended their lease in the block of flats where you live and where you want to get a leasehold extension. But the cost of the leasehold extension may well vary. It depends on how long their lease has to run and then how long yours has to run. Your surveyor will help to guide you through all of this and ensure that you get a fair deal in the process.

The surveyor will also help you to be aware of any special circumstances involved in extending your leasehold interest. This could be about the value of the lease, anything that may be planned within the locality in the future or anything that may affect the value of your flat or house.

You should be aware however that many surveyors rarely come across leasehold extensions. You should therefore seek out a surveyor who is a specialist in extending leases, but one that you can talk to with ease and whom you feel comfortable with. There is little point in having a surveyor who doesn’t seem to have your best interests at heart. What you actually require is someone who shares your passion when it comes to getting the best deal when it comes to extend your lease!

We can help you choose a lease extension surveyor

Bear in mind that unlike most solicitors, our team of lease extension experts just do lease extension and enfranchisement work. As a result they deal with surveyors day in day out and can soon spot a specialist from a surveyor who doesn’t really understand how to value a lease extension. Wherever you live in England and Wales, we can probably find a surveyor for you – so give us a ring or email us and we can put you in touch with a specialist local surveyor free of charge.

Your lease extension solicitor should be a specialist too

Finally, alongside your specialist surveyor, you will also need expert lease extension advice from a solicitor. In choosing your legal adviser, make sure that you pick lease extension solicitors who really know what they’re doing – specialists with plenty of relevant experience. Bear in mind that most solicitors have very little experience of lease extensions

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